There are millions of roads running across the Earth. And driving on most of them is a necessary step to get from Point X to Point Y. But that's not the case along the stretches of pavement chosen by the dangerousroads.org users. So fasten your seatbelt, because you're in for a spectacular ride.

In case you're starting to think about your next vacation, have a look at this list of some of the world's most scenic roads. From dramatic coastline drives to precarious mountain passes, these beautiful strips of pavement weave their way through some of the world's most gorgeous landscapes, with inspiring images reflecting in your rear-view mirror. Sometimes it's the journey, sometimes it's the destination—and sometimes, it's both. We've scoured the globe for the world's most beautiful, interesting, and off-beat road trips. 

Overseas Highway, Florida


Feel The Beauty of Overseas Highway

To enter the criteria as the most beautiful road in the world must have a perfect combination of factors between a challenging bend, a straight, and long fast lane, congestion has never happened or rarely, and has an awesome view of course. All combinations are present by The Overseas Highway, Florida. There are many roads in America, one of which the people talk about is the Overseas Highway. The 181.9-km-long road that connects America with the Florida Keys. The Overseas Highway passes across the Gulf of Mexico where the area is home to many coral reefs and marine animals. It's really cool when you walk across the street looking at the vast bay. You may have the opportunity to see a number of sightings of marine animals in the Gulf of Mexico. The Overseas Highway has been renewed into a major coastal road between the city of Miami and Key West since the 1950s. This beautiful road connects places from island to island through the Florida Keys and was built in 1938. This highway runs over the water and in about four hours you can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, sunrise and magnificent sunsets if you come here at the right time. The Overseas Highway is a road that flies from island to island across 42 bridges in the southwest Florida Keys. The highway is mostly on the water and in about four hours drive you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sea and of course, the rising sun and the magnificent sunsets if you come here at the right time. During holiday traffic will make the trip in this highway a little longer, but everyone will be happy to stay on this road for as long as they can. When the trip is done during the holidays, traffic will be more crowded and people rest more on the curb to see the amazing scenery that stretches across the Gulf of Florida. The engineers who built this freeway deliberately provided tracks for bicycles and pedestrians. So, if you're in Florida, it's worthwhile to visit this highway and feel for yourself the fun and soothing sensations provided by this beautiful streets.

Great Ocean Road, Australia


Drive the Great Ocean Road

As one of the best destinations for a road trip, the Great Ocean Road is a must if you arrive in the State of Victoria, Australia. The asphalt road is so smooth and the natural scenery lies in waiting for you. The view of The Twelve Apostles, the magnificent and charming limestone rocks, becomes your trip bonus. Great Ocean Road is located along the southern coast of Australia. Discovered in 1919, now, the Great Ocean Road has become one of the tourist centers of dreams of Australian and foreign tourists. Great Ocean Road, Australia is not just a sea and beach tour that we often see before. Here there are various natural wonders like The Twelve Apostles. There are many ways to get to the Great Ocean Road. Usually, tourists here use a car or a large motorcycle. For lovers of touring and traveling, the Great Ocean Road is the most memorable experience during a walk in Australia. The smooth asphalt and the beautiful scenery here make us really enjoy bringing the vehicle. The Great Ocean Road road is very wide and cars here are also rare. However, do not occasionally bring your car beyond the speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour because it can be fined 150 Australian dollars. Along the way the Great Ocean Road, we can see hay bales, straw rolled and stored for winter. The function of hay bales is very beneficial for breeders because in winter it arrives and farm animals cannot get out to eat. In addition to being a reserve of animal feed, hay bales become an interesting photo object. What is interesting when the road trip to the Great Ocean Road is a pleasant trip, both when going or going home. Yes, on the way home, we can pass the national park. In addition, as we pass the road from Apollo Bay to Lorne, we will pass a road with stunning views of the beach, cliffs, and rocks.


Sometimes, it’s not about the destination, but the journey and when it comes to these six magnificently jaw-dropping highways, we couldn’t agree more. So what are you waiting for? Hop in that car, roll down those windows and cruise along some the world’s most beautiful highways.

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The joy of the open road, the banter of your co-driver – and the thrill of discovering what lies around the next bend. Few travel pleasures beat the visceral highs of a road trip.

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Little wonder then that the best – including those with almost mythical status such as Highway One carving through dramatic Big Sur in California and Italy’s spine-tingling Stelvio Pass – feature heavily in bucket lists: the very epitome of adventure travel.