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  • How to Choose a Financial Advisor?

    Most people would agree that choosing a financial advisor could really be a daunting task, especially if you’re not even familiar with the factors that should be taken into consideration.


    If the choice is made correctly, expect to reap a number of benefits after quite some time. However, if done carelessly, your choice could be disastrous not only to you, but even to your family as well.

    Picking A Financial Planner Wisely

    Here are some useful tips that will help you identify, evaluate, and choose a financial planner that’s really capable of solving your financial problems and help you achieve your financial goals with ease.

    Tip #1: Decide What Type of Financial Planner You Really Need

    There are 4 basic types of financial planner and each one differs from the other.

    Registered Representatives: These are also known as investment representatives, stockbrokers, and bank representatives. Their main job is to sell investments as well as insurance products, and they’ll get a commission for doing so.

    Financial Advisors: They’re better known as IARs (Investment Advisor Representatives) and RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors). These professionals have the highest ethical standards in the financial services industries, because they’re usually compensated with fees, and they’re also considered as financial fiduciaries.

    Financial Planners: These professionals don’t need to have a license in order to execute their job. Likewise, anyone is capable of being a financial planner. So, it’s advisable to opt for one who has a CPA/PFS, ChFC or CFP certification.

    Life Insurance Agents: Life insurance is becoming a bigger part of sound financial planning. Some Edmonton life insurance agents will carry a life license as well as other licenses. While others may only carry a life license.

    Money Managers: They have the same characteristics and registrations that a financial advisor has. However, their distinguishing feature is that they’re allowed to make decisions for the investors even without the approval.

    Tip #2: Be Objective at All Times

    After being familiar with the different types of financial advisors, you can now use the process of elimination. Try to figure out which one would be really helpful to you and exclude the other three. Make sure to identify the weakness of each and focus on the qualifications too. Among other things, it’s advisable to opt for a financial advisor that specializes in retirement planning. Likewise, no matter how promising it may sound, never choose an advisor just because he has an outstanding sales skills and appealing personality. Chances are, this isn’t really the kind of advisor you need.

    Tip #3 Gather and Analyze the Data

    As much as possible, try to collect the same information from a number of professionals you’re eying on– this would make the comparison process easier and more convenient.

    Also, your data gathering should focus on these categories:

    • Ethics: Criminal record, compliance record, registration, licensing, fiduciary status;
    • Credentials: Education, experience, certifications;
    • Services: Money management, planning, investment advice, tax advice, insurance advice, legal advice;
    • Business Practices: Methods of compensation; track record, types of reports, expenses; ongoing services;

    Tip #4: Check the Internet, but Don’t Solely Rely on It

    If you’re not aware, which we doubt, you can find public information on the Internet, but it doesn’t mean that everything would be true.

    However, the good thing about this is that you can maintain your anonymity and go beyond the advisor’s own website like http://www.financialadvisoredmonton.ca to see testimonials and if the advisor has any other social proof.

    • If you already have an advisor in mind, Google his name and the firm he’s working in. Visit at least 20 of the hits you’re going to get.
    • Check the third-party contents, such as websites, newspapers, and magazine, that mention the financial planner you’re considering.
    • Keywords can help you know the advisor better. You can combine the firm and the advisor’s name together with these words: lawsuits, fraud, scams, fines, FINRA, suspensions, etc.
    • Visit the SEC and FINRA to check the advisor’s records.

    Tip #5: Meet in Person

    If you want to attain a successful interview, you should try your best and establish control from the very beginning.

    Keep in mind that advisors have the tendency of controlling the interview because it allows them to show their good side while trying to hide their flaws. Aside from that, letting the advisor take full control of the interview would mean that you’ll only hear what they want you to hear.

    So, before you meet, it’s important to prepare an agenda and stick with it all throughout. This will also help you compare the advisors, especially if you’re going to use the same questions. Written responses should also be required.

    Tip #6: Don’t Forget to Check the References

    Most advisors rely on references to verify their performance, quality, ethics, and business practices. Though, don’t rely on the references given by the advisor, because there’s only a minimal chance that they’ll be honest and show their bad side. Instead, ask their previous clients and ask them about their experience with this financial advisor.

  • A Tree Service Company – Small Business Blunder or Goldmine?

    After my post last week about alternative retirement options my wheels have been spinning!!!

    There are literally thousands of small businesses one could start to spit off additional income in retirement but how do you choose one?

    I’ve been around small business my entire life so I know there are lot’s out there. This past week I was sitting around with a few fellow entrepreneurs when a business I had never really thought of came up.

    After doing a little research I thought I would share my findings.

    May turn that green really means gold!

    What Is A Tree Service Business?

    Trees are part of nature, and they help to add glamour to the area.


    The deep green color of most trees is one of the things that attracts many people, and this helps to beautify the landscape. Basically, it is illegal to cut trees, if you do not have the authority.

    However, for the tree services companies, they are always given the mandate to cut down trees, especially those that may prove to be dangerous to the residents. There comes a time where the trees grow in the wrong way, or they could have been hit by heavy rain or wind, then they fall on the house.

    When these situations occur, a tree service company will step in to take care of the condition. So basically, the arborists will be needed time and again, but can tree service businesses be profitable?

    This will be determined by a number of factors, concerning the clients. Nevertheless, the tree business services will be needed because of the following conditions;

    Need Of Land Beauty

    A person could need to make their area look more presentable, when they need a better looking environment, and they have trees around, the trees might be the point of focus. Normally, there are different types of trees, and some will shed leaves more than others. If they are tired of the constant shedding of the leaves, they will most definitely need an arborist. Also, there could be some trees that have uneven growth of branches. Here, a tree specialist will be needed to trim the trees and get rid of the outgrown branches, thus, improving the appearance of the trees.

    The Need To Convert Trees To Wood

    If a homeowner has a number of trees in their place, and would want to make wood out of them, then they will need a professional to do the job. Normally, tree service companies have the necessary equipments to cut down trees, and even chop them into pieces of woods. For that, the tree specialist will be needed to take care of the situation and even chop off the cut down trees into pieces of woods.

    Weather Calamities

    The weather cannot be controlled, it happens due to the condition of nature. And for that, the weather conditions are natural. There could be a heavy rain in an area, which has swept out everything, including trees. These trees might have fallen on the houses, which makes it uncomfortable to the residents. As an example this happens quite frequently on the east coast during hurricane season. In this instance the tree service Raleigh NC has in place would be desperately needed in order to clean up and pull the trees that have fallen down. They will have special equipments and proficiency to take care of the fallen trees on the house. This will help to avoid severe injuries if anyone else tries to get the trees off.

    For Safety Purposes

    Trees are planted anywhere, and they are very many, especially in the suburbs, or along the highways. There could be some trees that might have grown in an area that they could be considered hazardous by the health and safety authorities. For instance, a tree might have grown taller, and it is almost touching the electric wires. Here, the trees will be needed to be cut, in order to avoid electrical shocks, which might lead to electrocution. The tree service company is the most appropriate company to be hired for the job, since they have the necessary skills.

    For Health Reasons

    There could be some trees that have grown old, and they have been considered dangerous to the people around. Constantly, children will play around as they touch everything, including the trees. For that, they might touch the trees that are diseased, and this could be dangerous to their health. There are some trees that are affected by certain diseases, which make them produce fungi. If such trees are noted around the residence, the tree service company will be needed to get rid of the tree. They will be equipped by equipments and skills that they will use to get the tree out.


    Generally, the tree service companies are becoming more and more vital to people. One person will need to trim the trees of their area, another would need to cut down trees for the sake of expansion. All in all, the tree services are marketable in the current market.

    And for that, a tree service can be very lucrative.

    Just check out what Christian’s been able to do with his small business:


    Another good thing is that there are not so many tree service companies, which makes the services to be slightly higher to hire, for that, the company will benefit more.