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  • Tips on How to Start an Interior Design Business

    Hey gang,

    This may be a longer post but I wanted to get this out to you and do it the justice it deserves.

    I have a friend in town who owns an interior design business selling blinds, drapes, carpets, furniture, you name it.

    And she’s KILLING IT.

    Her business has nearly tripled in 2014

    I sat down with her over a glass of wine the other night and we talked about why her business was exploding. I was shocked to hear her say how much opportunity there was in the niche for those willing to put in the work.

    I know so many people (including many of you) who would be amazing at this.

    So here it is.

    Blinds Bring In The Bling!

    If you are creative enough and have an eye for design, then a home decoration business is the right way to go. If for sure you are skilled and talented, starting an interior decoration business is the easiest thing you can ever find. In fact, you do not need to invest a lot in order to start a home decor business. Rather, you only need to be artistic and have good business skills in order to get started. So, if you possess the right qualities, then you can make a prosperous career out of the interior design business.

    If you want to venture into interior design industry, you may complement your earnings by selling decorative objects or offering house decorating services. Explored in this article are some helpful tips on how to start an interior design business.


    To get started, you first need to create a good budget.

    Like any other type of business, capital is a big necessity. So, the first step in starting a home decoration business is to determine your budget and also write a business plan. While drafting your budget, have in mind your target group. Also, put in mind the medium through which you are going to reach your clients. Do not forget to include the inventory for your decor, as well as vehicle maintenance and insurance. Actually, a well-drafted budget will guide you when commencing your home decor business.

    Next, you need to decide how much will be your charging rate. Sit down alone and plan whether you will be charging per day or per hour. Figure out whether or not charging per the total project will be profitable. Consider going for an option that seems to be gainful. Remember this is a business and you have to make profits in order to excel in the industry. You have to calculate the cost of materials plus your labor to see if you will gain something if you adopt a certain way of charging your clients. Actually, knowing the charging rate of your competitors will give you an idea of the current market rate. In short, do your research pretty well before engaging yourself in this kind of business.

    You also need to have an attractive price for the service most clients use. This is good because you want them to keep on utilizing the service. In fact, you can offer some discounts to your clients. For instance, if a client wants to decorate the whole house, you can offer discounts per single room. Remember that some clients will not be able to afford to have their entire house decorated. So, you can talk to them and try to charge them well per room and they will definitely accept your offer. Actually, discounts can make you shine in the market. Alongside the offers, try to convince your clients that you are the best. If for sure you offer good discounts that will enable them save money, then they will go ahead and spread the gospel. This way, you will find yourself having dominated the whole market.


    Again, it is vital to have a good relationship with the companies that supply you with products. My friend was mentioning she had a relationship with a window fashion company in Canada called Blinds Edmonton. They hook her up with wholesale prices which helps increase her margins as well as give her more room to offer good clients great deal. Check them out here http://www.blindsedmonton.ca if you decide this is a business fit for you. If you establish a good relationship with such companies, they may offer you great discounts with every decoration materials you purchase. Also, you will be able to receive updates about the latest decors and even those that are yet to arrive in their stocks. In fact, a good rapport with the suppliers of your materials is a good way to go.

    Also, the other great step to starting a home decor business is to make a good portfolio. In fact, you need to have a collection of all the works you have done in the past. This is good because your potential clients will be able to see it and judge your expertise. Creating your portfolio is not a hard thing. If you are a starter in this type of business, you can employ some tricks to create a good profile for your prospective clients to see.

    For instance, you can start by decorating your own house and take several photos of it to add in your portfolio. Make sure you take the photos of the house before and after decoration. In fact, you want your clients to see the difference between a decorated and non-decorated house. For your clients to see different types of pictures and get convinced, you may even decide to decorate those of your relatives and neighbors and take pictures to add to your portfolio. Actually, your pictures will depict your style of decorating. If you do it well, then people will find you.

    The final step is about advertising your business. Actually, you are supposed to promote your business fully for people to know about your existence. Start by advertising locally. You can create attractive brochures and business cards and give them out to your customers. After that, you may advance a bit and start placing ads in the local newspaper or magazines for people in the community to see your work.


    If still you are not reaching the audience well, create a website. This is the most effective way of advertising. Look for an expert to design a good business website for you. Add great content to your website as well as pictures of your past work. Fill your online gallery with pictures of your previous works. Also, use social media to advertise your work and be directing clients to your business website. This way, many people will come to know about your existence, and for sure you will succeed in your interior design business.

    In a nut-shell, an interior design business can actually be very profitable if you follow the outlined steps pretty well. Remember that people always want their houses decorated so that they may look attractive. Truly, everyone would want to make his or her house a home. So, obviously you will not miss customers for your business. Actually, if you know how to start a home decoration business, just get into it and make super-normal profits.

  • A Tree Service Company – Small Business Blunder or Goldmine?

    After my post last week about alternative retirement options my wheels have been spinning!!!

    There are literally thousands of small businesses one could start to spit off additional income in retirement but how do you choose one?

    I’ve been around small business my entire life so I know there are lot’s out there. This past week I was sitting around with a few fellow entrepreneurs when a business I had never really thought of came up.

    After doing a little research I thought I would share my findings.

    May turn that green really means gold!

    What Is A Tree Service Business?

    Trees are part of nature, and they help to add glamour to the area.


    The deep green color of most trees is one of the things that attracts many people, and this helps to beautify the landscape. Basically, it is illegal to cut trees, if you do not have the authority.

    However, for the tree services companies, they are always given the mandate to cut down trees, especially those that may prove to be dangerous to the residents. There comes a time where the trees grow in the wrong way, or they could have been hit by heavy rain or wind, then they fall on the house.

    When these situations occur, a tree service company will step in to take care of the condition. So basically, the arborists will be needed time and again, but can tree service businesses be profitable?

    This will be determined by a number of factors, concerning the clients. Nevertheless, the tree business services will be needed because of the following conditions;

    Need Of Land Beauty

    A person could need to make their area look more presentable, when they need a better looking environment, and they have trees around, the trees might be the point of focus. Normally, there are different types of trees, and some will shed leaves more than others. If they are tired of the constant shedding of the leaves, they will most definitely need an arborist. Also, there could be some trees that have uneven growth of branches. Here, a tree specialist will be needed to trim the trees and get rid of the outgrown branches, thus, improving the appearance of the trees.

    The Need To Convert Trees To Wood

    If a homeowner has a number of trees in their place, and would want to make wood out of them, then they will need a professional to do the job. Normally, tree service companies have the necessary equipments to cut down trees, and even chop them into pieces of woods. For that, the tree specialist will be needed to take care of the situation and even chop off the cut down trees into pieces of woods.

    Weather Calamities

    The weather cannot be controlled, it happens due to the condition of nature. And for that, the weather conditions are natural. There could be a heavy rain in an area, which has swept out everything, including trees. These trees might have fallen on the houses, which makes it uncomfortable to the residents. As an example this happens quite frequently on the east coast during hurricane season. In this instance the tree service Raleigh NC has in place would be desperately needed in order to clean up and pull the trees that have fallen down. They will have special equipments and proficiency to take care of the fallen trees on the house. This will help to avoid severe injuries if anyone else tries to get the trees off.

    For Safety Purposes

    Trees are planted anywhere, and they are very many, especially in the suburbs, or along the highways. There could be some trees that might have grown in an area that they could be considered hazardous by the health and safety authorities. For instance, a tree might have grown taller, and it is almost touching the electric wires. Here, the trees will be needed to be cut, in order to avoid electrical shocks, which might lead to electrocution. The tree service company is the most appropriate company to be hired for the job, since they have the necessary skills.

    For Health Reasons

    There could be some trees that have grown old, and they have been considered dangerous to the people around. Constantly, children will play around as they touch everything, including the trees. For that, they might touch the trees that are diseased, and this could be dangerous to their health. There are some trees that are affected by certain diseases, which make them produce fungi. If such trees are noted around the residence, the tree service company will be needed to get rid of the tree. They will be equipped by equipments and skills that they will use to get the tree out.


    Generally, the tree service companies are becoming more and more vital to people. One person will need to trim the trees of their area, another would need to cut down trees for the sake of expansion. All in all, the tree services are marketable in the current market.

    And for that, a tree service can be very lucrative.

    Just check out what Christian’s been able to do with his small business:


    Another good thing is that there are not so many tree service companies, which makes the services to be slightly higher to hire, for that, the company will benefit more.

  • Le-Vel Thrive – Can A Work From Home Business Save Your Financial Future?

    As most of you reading this are well aware of, generating an income in retirement is going to be a challenge for the majority of us.

    Unless you have managed to be one of the few who has saved a substantial sum of money to live off of. Then chances are good you will need to either continue working or come up with some sort of plan B.

    Like most you probably have been pitched the home based business avenue.

    But unlike most of these companies we may have come across something a little different that may lend some legitimacy to the option of working from home in your later years.

    Le-Vel is an innovative brand company that aims at enhancing lifestyles for a more satisfying experience. It’s not just about products that work.

    The whole company is optimized for maximum benefits of the customer and the promoter. The growth has been tremendous evidencing the quality and reliability of products as well as the professional standards of the operation.

    The company integrates technology in its operation ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the experience by optimizing its marketing strategy and expansion of the brand. Due to these innovative and fresh formulas for growth, the Le-vel Thrive products have been ranked top among new Premium product lines and branded companies.

    The Thrive Experience

    Weight loss is discussed widely all over the world and the struggle to deal with these issues is real. With the steep rise in lifestyle diseases and general ill health, there is a need for a long lasting solution.

    Weight management needs not only to aim at looking good but also at improving the general well-being of the individual. It is about enhancing the whole self, encouraging holistic living.

    Thrive is more than a product brand; it is a lifestyle.

    Just ask Chris Arnold.

    The experience I’ve had with this stuff so far has been incredible. It’s a game changer when it comes to my health.

    The Thrive Experience comes in different packages that work in synergy to promote the best outcome. The products are rich in vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and other natural active ingredients to work in promoting the best outcome.


    With the use of THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsule, Ultra Shake Mix and the Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology products, The impact is indisputable and leave the body and mind feeling rejuvenated.

    While the results may differ with individuals using the products, there is a consensus in the effectiveness of the lifestyle.

    Thrive by Le-Vel promotes health with benefits beyond Weight loss. There is a marked improvement in cognitive functions as well as a boost in the immune system and detoxifying the physiological systems.

    It also aims at an increased support for the digestive system, joint and dealing with inflammation issues arising. In addition, mental health is improved and the Derma Fusion Technology (DFT™) promotes anti-aging leaving you feeling and looking healthy and younger.

    The Products

    Thrive DFT™ Ultra by Le-Vel is an effective premium product with increased fusion technology which helps to derive maximum benefit through patches. It is great in weight management by promoting appetite control and increase metabolism. The Thrive Ultra Shake Mix is on the other hand consumed as a meal replacement drink.

    To further improve the Thrive lifestyle, the Premium Lifestyle capsule product has been distinguished into Le-Vel Thrive W and Le-Vel Thrive M for women and men respectively. It contains a mixture of minerals, vitamins, probiotics and stimulants as well as a range of plant extracts.

    The Marketing Technology

    Le-Vel operates in what is commonly referred to as the MLM strategy. Multi-Level Marketing is a very beneficial style of selling products that works on the principal of promoters recruiting others. Basically, it forms a network of sales people where one gets profit by selling product and a percentage of sales from the persons they have recruited. Since it is goal oriented, it is very motivating.

    The rewards reaped are vast as products can be sold not only to family and friends, but also via social media. New sales people can be recruited from anywhere creating a great chain of income.

    The system that Le-Vel uses for the dissemination of the Thrive products is time saving, stable and efficient. It is economical thus increases the rewards gained by the customers and promoters.

    The Cloud technology allows people to track their orders, to keep an eye on their commissions and calculate sales based on the sales made by their teams. The customers are able to get support services easily thus it is a very clean and devolved operation. It is a true win-win situation.

    Thrive Perks 

    There are perks of being part of Le-Vel and participating in the Thrive Experience. Various packages have been modeled to suit different needs and increase result productivity.

    Beginners are encouraged to start on the Lifestyle pack and those focusing on serious weight management choose the Tone pack which naturally is very popular. For a premium couples experience, a pack has been modeled just for that.

    Moreover, once you become a good promoter, you will not only get cash rewards but also free products and pretty good bonuses.


    Is this going to be the perfect solution as an alternative for everyone in retirement?

    Absolutely not.

    But for a growing amount of people the home based business option is becoming more and more appealing.

    It is important to always do your own research before entering into any business. Everyone’s personal experience and of course we have no idea what your work ethic will be.

    If you’re willing to work hard a home based business may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.