Who We Are

Hank Kirkon CPA, CFP

HankHank Kirkon is the main contributor and founder of Lindsborg Finance & Commerce. Growing up in Ohio Hank got to see first hand what it took to build a successful business and financial life from his father John.

Watching his father build a small empire in Cincinnati from a young age planted incredible seeds in Hank’s fertile mind. He grew up in a middle class neighborhood with mostly other middle class kids.


I knew my family was different. At a younger age I really didn’t understand what was different but as I grew older I started to figure out that my parents knew things and did things just a little differently than my friends parents.

When I was in my teens my father started to impress upon me certain lessons and principles about accumulating wealth that would ultimately have a major impact on my life and future. Looking back on it now I realize he was grooming me to be a good financial steward for the wealth I would ultimately inherit and build for myself.

Instead of rebelling against my parents as most young people do I decided to embrace their lessons and lifestyle. I decided to build my own financial services brokerage as a platform to educate people who were not as fortunate as me to be given the advantage of financial education.

My hope is to impact people young and old with this amazing gift of knowledge so they can make better financial and business choices for their future.